Every week we come to collect your food and organic waste.
When you begin, your first month will be a trial so we get to know you and your food waste.

What can I Compost?

What’s good about our compost facilities, is that we can take a larger amount, more types of food and other waste, compared to traditional and smaller scale composting systems.

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Starting Your Journey With Us

First Month Trial

The first month will give us a better idea on your food waste volume and how many compost bucket/bins you need

Pay for what you Fill

During this month, if you reserve 4 buckets, but you end up using 3 buckets, you only pay 3 buckets for that week

Set Subscription

Based on your average bins/buckets we’ve picked up, this will inform your final subscription quote per month


The initial trial is geared more towards hospitality traders and businesses, as they generate higher volumes of food waste. The outcomes we achieve are around more accurate calculations of how much a place produces on average, how many buckets is needed weekly, while engaging with your team around contamination and behaviour change. Ultimately the trial process helps you embark on your community composting journey by understanding how much food is thrown away on premises, to refine you and your team’s collective waste reduction efforts over a 4 week period. (sometimes longer, if public holidays and snap lockdowns occur)

When you sign up, you will select how many composting buckets your home or your business needs per week and we’ll send you a service quote and stripe payment link to book in your bucket for drop off the following week.

Note that this is to provide you with the buckets/bins you get to use (not own) for the duration of the 4 week period to fill your food scraps with.

You only pay for what we pickup. If you end up ordering more than you expected, in the two weeks of service pickups – we will refund this back to you. And if you find that you underestimated – then you can request for more buckets after your weekly pickup and pay the remaining fees after the trial period.


Before your 4 week trial ends, we’ll check in with you to confirm how many buckets/bins your premises is filling up on average, to calculate tiered volume pricing for your final subscription price and convert your account into your ongoing monthly subscription.

You can contact us anytime to pause or cancel your subscription over email or phone.

  • Get comfortable: Try us out and get familiar with how the service works 
  • Flexibility in amendments: Get to know your food waste volume production per week to help you figure out
  • Only pay for the buckets you’ve filled: We’ll help you decide the average of what you’ll be paying for per month
  • No long-term commitment (yet): After those 2 weeks, you can feel free to opt-out

No prob. At the end of your trial we’ve tracked how many buckets were picked up and paid for. The bucket fee is non refundable, but we’re more than happy to pick up the buckets from your premises at the end of the trial.

Start Composting Today

Be a part of the Compost Community Collective in diverting your Food scraps

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Where does my Food waste go?

We process your food waste locally in City of Yarra and redistribute the high nutrient fertiliser to local community gardens, residential community composting collective members and urban agri-projects to encourage urban communities to create more edible gardens.

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