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We make circular waste programs accessible in our cities to enable local communities to transition towards zero waste practices.

How It Works

1. In the neighbourhood?

Live in inner city Melbourne? We’re currently operating in the City of Yarra. We keep pick up and processing runs local and grouped by area to keep our carbon travel emissions as low as possible.

2. Secure your buckets

We keep membership plans simple and flexible. You can have as little or as many buckets as you need and we only charge for what’s collected.

3. Save your Food Scraps

Fill er’up and we will come by once or twice a week to pick up your food scraps.


4. Set and Forget

Monthly billing subscription, that covers your weekly swap-and-go bin/bucket collection. 

5. Regenerate Soil

We take your food waste and turn it into super rich fertiliser. Then we take all that dirty goodness back where it truly belongs – soil!

Here’s a few ways to compost like a champion


Live in a house or an apartment with limited space or on your first steps to learning how to compost? We got you covered. We go the extra step with apartment residents to work with your strata manager. Who knows, you might even inspire your neighbours to do the same! 

Offices and Workplaces

Get your business to become greener in the workplace. We come to your office, and show your staff how we run our program. All we need is 10 min of your time, buckets in strategic lunchtime areas and a parking spot.

Food Businesses

Your kitchen is the heart of your business. But what happens to your food waste after a busy day of carving it up in the kitchen? Join us and other hospo kitchens in regenerating the Melbourne food bowl as a member of our community compost collective.

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Regenerate your food scraps back into local Melbourne communities

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Circular Waste Design Services

The built environment is complex. If you’re an urban developer, architect or business looking to create a circular food waste system in your building, we can pinpoint the right composting solution for any location, and help you implement it.


What’s compostable, what’s not? We work hospitality businesses and office teams to educate staff, facilitate behaviour change, and improve zero waste knowledge to identify common products and materials to help navigate the tricky business of source separation.


We’ve had over 20 vollies come through since our inception. Our workload is fun, fast and hands on – whether helping with neighbourhood drives, marketing campaigns or delivering fertiliser to local compost hubs and community gardens. If this is you, we want you in our circle!

Apartment Collective

Ready to create a community composting collective in your apartment? Or perhaps you want to go a bit further and compost on-site and get a veggie garden going with your neighbours? Get friendly with your strata manager and write to us.


Our integrated multidisciplinary backgrounds in the built environment, precinct communities and zero waste design gives us a pretty unique lens on waste infrastructure and programs. We’re about the bigger picture and making real systems change in the waste ecosystem. Get in touch if you want one of our team to come to your event.

Zero Waste Event Consultants

Corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, group picnics, your nan turning 98? We got you. Events can be huge waste generators – imagine all the waste we produce at the gazillions of events around our globe heading to landfill! We’ve joined forces with a number of waste industry partners if you need a zero waste event strategy and on the day management for that special occasion.

“Soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.”
— Wendell Berry

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Want to fight against food waste? Change the urban food system? Grow more food in cities? Make zero waste behaviour change happen? If you’re a values aligned NFP, business or organisation, get in touch to see how we can work together. Or simply share, like or subscribe to our socials!

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