Cirque du Soil

MKW Circular Futures Exhibition 2021

MKW Circular Futures Exhibition 2021

Cirque du Soil will be at Melbourne Knowledge Week’s Victorian Circular Futures Exhibition, hosted by CEV and RMIT Activator 26th April – 30th April 2021.

Come see some great examples of local circular businesses and initiatives, where circular economy projects offer a truly sustainable alternative to the world’s currently dominant model of ‘take, make and waste’, and could be the biggest business transformation since the Industrial Revolution.

Event attendees will have the opportunity to explore some of the latest innovations driving our city’s transition towards a circular economy at this live exhibition! Come see!

Also, the Cirque du Soil bucket will be free for use at the exhibition, give us your food scraps which get processed next week.

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Image by Circular Economy Vic (CEV)